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Soul Sessions with Rianne

Nov 26, 2020

True tranformation happens when you EMBODY.
We are all so busy 'attracting' things we want. 
BUT, the word attracting creates the illusion of separation, while our desires are ALREADY THERE in vibrational form!
The word attracting makes us think we need to make an effort, while we just need to BE
BE that...

Nov 23, 2020

Even after #metoo the topic of sexual abuse remains taboo, it’s about time we breakthough this taboo and start talking more openly about this in order to heal.

I invited Healing Mentor Nishanthi Dayawathie to the podcast show to talk about sexual trauma and more importantly, how to heal from it.

In this...

Nov 9, 2020

In this episode I tell you my view on earning and investing and I share my entire investment journey.

You will find out;

- What comes first, earning or investing and why.

- Why the amount of money matters.

- What the benefits of investing are.

- How much my first investment was and how much I invest...