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Soul Sessions with Rianne

Mar 24, 2021

In this episode I share;

- The 4 major manifestation blocks.

- A technique to overcome those blocks.

- How to use this technique as a complement to other manifestations techniques.

- How I make this technique work for me.




Mar 12, 2021

Transformation, it sounds cool and spectacular. But what does it mean to make a transformation?

In this episode I share;

- The 3 step model for transformation.

- Examples from clients who made a transformation.

- How to breakdown patterns and build new ones.

- What it means to change on an identity level. 

- How to know...

Mar 5, 2021

In this episode I have an inspiring conversation with Conversion Copywriter Willy Bakker. She helps conscious entrepreneurs to write magnetic copy from their Human Design, so their can attract their dream clients.

In this episode you will learn;

- what human design is.

- how to find out your what your design is.

- what...